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Party ended on a stretcher

When december comes, the party time began in Costa Rica. The Red Cross attended 458 emergencies in the past popular festivities. Of these, 215 were in the arena fights. Other 229 at the fairgrounds and 14 in the mechanical rides at the fair. My support to this coverage was the data visualization at the bottom page. Here´s the link


Cuando diciembre llega, las fiestas inician en Costa Rica. La Cruz Roja antendió 458 emergencias en los festejos populares del año pasado. De esas, 215 ocurrieron en el redondel de toros. Otros 229 en el campo ferial y 14 más en los juegos mecánicos. Mi aporte en este reportaje fue la visualización en la parte baja de la página. Acá el link


Partial screen shot of Zapote injuries in 2013-2014.

Digital works

The Hobbit: The Battle of the five armies

El Hobbit, Erebor

The gate of Erebor. 3D Model by Edgar Jiménez; Art direction by Marco Hernández and Manuel Canales.

In the eve of the final movie of the Hobbit trilogy, we decide to give to our readers at a new perspective of the scenary. Edgar Jiménez an terrific 3D artist, Alexander Sánchez the journalist of films and myself works together to develop this special site of the Hobbit’s Lonely Mountain, the field of the Battle of the five armies.

This its part of the promotional pieces: post for social media post for social media post for social media post for social media

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 3.42.35 PMThis site its a scroll controlled experience that allows to explore the Lonely Mountain and the city of Dwarves, Erebor. There you will find, besides, the 3d model, short texts hidden about key points of the movie. Hope you will enjoy it!
Here’s the link: