About Marco Hernández

Marco is an Infographic Designer born in Costa Rica. Former Senior Infographic Designer at La Nación in Costa Rica and Lecturer of Information Design at the Science and Arts University of Costa Rica. Based in Hong Kong, currently is the Director of Digital Design of the South China Morning Post

Marco have a degree in graphic arts of the Science and Arts University fo Costa Rica, and a bachelor tile in advertising design at the same University. As general studies in the University of Costa Rica he have advance studies in investigative methodology and modern languages

Marco have conducted lectures in the major Universities in Costa Rica: The University of Costa Rica, The National University of Costa Rica, and The Technological Institute of Costa Rica. In Hong Kong also have being conducting presentations and exhibitions in the the most prominent Universities such as The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Design Institute and The Hong Kong University

Marco self formed his skills in interactive development for storytelling in news specially focused on infographics and data visualisation, his work has been published in news papers as La Nación in Costa Rica, The Zeit in Germany, Courrier International in France, The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong; as well in books from BNN based in Tokyo, the SND based in New York and Malofiej based in Pamplona, Spain

His work has been honoured with more than 50 awards and medals by the Society for News Design in USA; Malofiej in Spain; Wan-Ifra Asian Awards, Wan-Ifra World Awards in Germany; The Iberoamerican Design Biennal, in Spain, The Global Editor Network Awards in London among other international organisations


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