The quick report, my students work first cycle of 2015

A new cycle of students has be done at the Science and Arts University of Costa Rica, some interesting projects and concepts appears, the complete report is at visual744 but it is in Spanish, use Google Chrome for translation.

Here is the link to:聽

information design

Details of the job log Andrey Castro, project “The Moon in the 20th century,” design student information. University of the Sciences and the Arts, April 2015.

mapping the moon the XX century

Infographic by Andrey Castro, project II “The Moon in the 20th century,” design of information student. University of the Sciences and the Arts, April 2015.

Digital works

Choosing careers for a better future


Today at in combination聽with the Data Unit, 聽we published this special mini site about the real situation of university graduates. Employment, incomes, working area and more. We try to develop this special feature as a tool to define a better future for students with dreams to become professionals.

Hoy en en combinaci贸n con la unidad de datos, publicamos este mini sitio especial sobre la situaci贸n real de los titulados universitarios. Empleo, ingresos econ贸micos, 谩rea de trabajo y m谩s. Tratamos de desarrollar esta entrega especial como una herramienta para definir un futuro mejor para los estudiantes con sue帽os de convertirse en profesionales.

grafico 1

First graphic: 100 options to choose.


Related numbers and details between sections


Incomes graphics


Teachers, Accountants and Nurses may will get fast a work position.


Risky ways


Education sector. Preschool education in English as work alternative

Visit the full site here:聽聽use Chrome for translation.
(soon will be an english version available)

Digital works

Party ended on a stretcher

When聽december comes, the party time began in Costa Rica.聽The Red Cross attended 458 emergencies in the past popular festivities. Of these, 215 were in the arena fights. Other 229 at the fairgrounds and 14 in the mechanical rides at the fair.聽My support to this coverage was the data visualization at the bottom page. Here麓s the link聽


Cuando diciembre llega,聽las fiestas inician en聽Costa Rica. La Cruz Roja antendi贸 458 emergencias en los festejos populares del a帽o pasado.聽De esas,聽215 ocurrieron en el redondel de toros. Otros 229 en el campo ferial聽y 14 m谩s en los juegos mec谩nicos. Mi aporte en este reportaje fue la visualizaci贸n en la parte baja de la p谩gina. Ac谩 el link聽


Partial screen shot of Zapote injuries in 2013-2014.


Costa Rican School dropout bagstage

Graphics not published in the special report of Costa Rica school dropout. Visual744 May 27th, 2014.

Digital works

Costa Rican School dropout bagstage


Recent work: School dropout rate in Costa Rica

Design and graphics development. La Naci贸n, May 26th, 2014. Layout, SVG graphics, SMIL animation and javascript.

Digital works

School dropout rate in Costa Rica