SUE the T-Rex

The infographic of SUE was awarded for Malofiej 18 with silver medal. Print edition of ‘La Nación’. Project credits: Marco Hernández, Manuel Canales and Daniel Solano.

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SUE the T-Rex


One thought on “SUE the T-Rex

  1. charging Larson on 158 points. The government transferred the remains to the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, where the skeleton was stored until the penal and civil legal disputes were settled. The United States Senate voted to not confirm the appointment of Kevin Schieffer as United States Attorney for the District of South Dakota after his controversial handling of the penal case. In 1996, Larson was sentenced to a two-year prison sentence after being convicted on charges not directly related to Sue. After a lengthy civil case, the court decreed that Maurice Williams retained ownership, because as a beneficiary he was protected by the law against an impulsive selling of real property, and the remains were returned in 1995.


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